The museum to day after the charge from private ownership to an independent institution, established under the name: “Bindslev Craftsman-museums Fund”.
Behind the museum there are a lot of the societies and institutions of the geographical area around Bindslev. They are assembled in a council with 2 members from each one. At the yearly representative meeting a committee of 5 members is elected. 
Beyond this Edel and Jens Jakobsen are members of the committee


In the council there are members from:

B-H-E (Citizen, trade and occupation in Bindslev).

The Regional Collection of the parish of Bindslev.

Blue Cross (a humanitarian society).

BTI.s Friends (an association for support to the athletic association).

Bindslev School.

Tversted Citizen- and Tourist-association.

Bindslev Old Power Station.

The Centercouncil at “Smedegården” (an institution for older people).

Bindslev Accordionrally


Jørgen Jensen, teleph. 0045 98938502